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Before sending a message, please check over the following frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, we can be reached by filling out the form below. We’ll try get to your inquiry as fast as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add training wheels to my FORTH Bike?

It may be tricky to add training wheels to your new bike, as the rear axle was not necessarily designed wide enough to accommodate the extra hardware required for training wheels. Some styles of training wheels rely on the chainstay for support, which might work better. As an alternative, we would suggest using the bike without pedals installed, like a balance bike, until your little rider is ready for the pedals. There are a number of great articles and videos online showing the process of getting the kiddos going without training wheels, if that’s the route you end up going. 

Can I add a kickstand to my FORTH Bike?

Yes, kickstands can be added to most FORTH Bikes. Depending on the model of bike you own/purchase, the style of kickstand may vary. You can use a chainstay mounted kickstand on all PARK models, with the kickstand length matched to the appropriate wheel size. The PARK 20 and PARK 24 models can also accommodate a mid-mount kickstand, just behind the bottom bracket. Also, the PARK 14/16, 14 X1, and 16 X1/X2 models can use most axle mounted kickstands.

Kickstand Style/Bike ModelPARK 14/16PARK 20/2414 X1, 16 X1/ X2
Chainstay MountXX
Mid MountX
Axle MountXX
Where is FORTH located?

FORTH Industries is located near Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

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